Monday, 16 September 2013

Business Nonstop Services – Offers Nonstop Growth to Your Business

iYogi Business Nonstop means do not let your business pause due to any specific technical issue, rather let it move on as iYogi is there to take care of all your business’s technology support needs. With iYogi Business Nonstop, you do not need to get into the complexities of working with multiple support providers associated with each individual brand and device or software manufacturer. Simply address your technical issues affecting your business to iYogi and get reliable and on time solution to your problem. 

iYogi Business Nonstop offers hosts of comprehensive services meeting your business’s tech needs. Check out the services that iYogi offers: 

iYogi Business Nonstop offers unmatched  digital marketing services for small and medium business, to get online, stay online and prosper online. iYogi has successfully acquired over 3 Million users across 10 countries through their expertise in digital marketing.  Marketing services includes:

Website Designing
Online search has become dominant these days, so if you do not have your company on the WorldWide Web, you are certainly going wrong somewhere. You can solve your problem here with iYogi.  iYogi has a great team of expertise to develop attractive websites for services such as content, adding an online store, and marketing. 

Brand Building 
iYogi’s brand building services help your organization gain visibility beyond its regular target audience. It promotes your website via various mediums - Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Marketing and Online Reputation Management.

SEO Services 
Here, iYogi enhances your company’s online visibility through Search Engine Optimization method. The tech expertise sitting at iYogi optimizes the existing content on your website using strong and the most popular keywords relevant to your company. 

iYogi’s proprietary and proven technology Digital Service Cloud is totally into managing your company’s entire IT set up. Digital Service Cloud is everything that you can opt for your business to keep your company’s IT running nonstop. iYogi’s technology nonstop includes several services under it:

Setup and Install
iYogi technology nonstop offers comprehensive support for setup and installation of registered devices, peripherals with updated drivers, software installation and customization, etc. iYogi tech support is available on 24x7 basis, for 365 days throughout a year. 

Support for Software and Hardware 
iYogi provides support for  a wide range of software applications including Microsoft Office software, accounting software Tally, and all Operating Systems including Windows and iOS. With iYogi tech support, your business will never fall back due to any software or hardware crashes, errors or missing drivers.

Secure Business Data
The confidentiality of every business is high and to keep it safe and protected, iYogi expertise design secure data access controls. It basically enhances the level of protection for your business data ensuring that it is totally under control and safe from any unauthorized incoming traffic or software installation.

Website Server Management
iYogi ensures that the online presence of your business is maintained at all times, so that it witnesses nonstop growth.

Email Client & Server Management
The email client or server crashes can affect your business in many ways. iYogi ensures that your business performs nonstop without any jerk in between. 
Overall, iYogi business nonstop is a big boon to your business with world-class tech support services available 24x7x365.

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Support Dock – A Complete Tech Solution App

iYogi, a global provider of software and technical support services has strengthen its presence in the market with the development of an android app called Support Dock. With Support Dock, an app especially designed for your android, you can easily get access to word-class technical support services from the team of iYogi tech experts for all your digital devices in home. 

Have a look at the below given options to know some useful features of iYogi Support Dock: 

LIVE CHAT: Live Chat is a quick and reliable way of getting tech support from iYogi experts. You can use this option and get directly connected to highly certified tech experts from iYogi, who will quickly diagnose the problem and provide quick fixes over the chat itself. 

PUSH TO TALK: Through Push to Talk feature, you can get connected to a tech expert over the phone. All you need to do here is, simply go to Push to Talk option on Support Dock app on your android and get connected to iYogi tech expert on the toll free number in just a few seconds. You can also schedule a callback option, if you want the iYogi experts to give you a call. 

MESSAGING: All communications sent by the team of iYogi tech experts, exclusively to you, are successfully stored under Messaging option. You can retrieve any communication as and when required by simply clicking on the mails sent by iYogi tech experts. You can also submit your feedback about iYogi services and plans.

PHONE HEALTH: Phone Health feature is the perfect health manager for your android which checks and manages the processes running on your phone. 

KNOWLEDGE BASE: It is a fruitful source of interesting technology related knowledge and resources by iYogi. You can access these facilities by going to the iYogi YouTube channel containing exclusive content as a solution to all your tech problems. 

PREFERENCES: This feature allows you to manage and control every setting related to your Support Dock app. It also manages the activation process and details.

So, what are you waiting for, just opt for Support Dock Android app on your mobile and free yourself from any sort of tech problem popping up in any of your digital devices at home.