Monday, 16 September 2013

Business Nonstop Services – Offers Nonstop Growth to Your Business

iYogi Business Nonstop means do not let your business pause due to any specific technical issue, rather let it move on as iYogi is there to take care of all your business’s technology support needs. With iYogi Business Nonstop, you do not need to get into the complexities of working with multiple support providers associated with each individual brand and device or software manufacturer. Simply address your technical issues affecting your business to iYogi and get reliable and on time solution to your problem. 

iYogi Business Nonstop offers hosts of comprehensive services meeting your business’s tech needs. Check out the services that iYogi offers: 

iYogi Business Nonstop offers unmatched  digital marketing services for small and medium business, to get online, stay online and prosper online. iYogi has successfully acquired over 3 Million users across 10 countries through their expertise in digital marketing.  Marketing services includes:

Website Designing
Online search has become dominant these days, so if you do not have your company on the WorldWide Web, you are certainly going wrong somewhere. You can solve your problem here with iYogi.  iYogi has a great team of expertise to develop attractive websites for services such as content, adding an online store, and marketing. 

Brand Building 
iYogi’s brand building services help your organization gain visibility beyond its regular target audience. It promotes your website via various mediums - Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Marketing and Online Reputation Management.

SEO Services 
Here, iYogi enhances your company’s online visibility through Search Engine Optimization method. The tech expertise sitting at iYogi optimizes the existing content on your website using strong and the most popular keywords relevant to your company. 

iYogi’s proprietary and proven technology Digital Service Cloud is totally into managing your company’s entire IT set up. Digital Service Cloud is everything that you can opt for your business to keep your company’s IT running nonstop. iYogi’s technology nonstop includes several services under it:

Setup and Install
iYogi technology nonstop offers comprehensive support for setup and installation of registered devices, peripherals with updated drivers, software installation and customization, etc. iYogi tech support is available on 24x7 basis, for 365 days throughout a year. 

Support for Software and Hardware 
iYogi provides support for  a wide range of software applications including Microsoft Office software, accounting software Tally, and all Operating Systems including Windows and iOS. With iYogi tech support, your business will never fall back due to any software or hardware crashes, errors or missing drivers.

Secure Business Data
The confidentiality of every business is high and to keep it safe and protected, iYogi expertise design secure data access controls. It basically enhances the level of protection for your business data ensuring that it is totally under control and safe from any unauthorized incoming traffic or software installation.

Website Server Management
iYogi ensures that the online presence of your business is maintained at all times, so that it witnesses nonstop growth.

Email Client & Server Management
The email client or server crashes can affect your business in many ways. iYogi ensures that your business performs nonstop without any jerk in between. 
Overall, iYogi business nonstop is a big boon to your business with world-class tech support services available 24x7x365.

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Support Dock – A Complete Tech Solution App

iYogi, a global provider of software and technical support services has strengthen its presence in the market with the development of an android app called Support Dock. With Support Dock, an app especially designed for your android, you can easily get access to word-class technical support services from the team of iYogi tech experts for all your digital devices in home. 

Have a look at the below given options to know some useful features of iYogi Support Dock: 

LIVE CHAT: Live Chat is a quick and reliable way of getting tech support from iYogi experts. You can use this option and get directly connected to highly certified tech experts from iYogi, who will quickly diagnose the problem and provide quick fixes over the chat itself. 

PUSH TO TALK: Through Push to Talk feature, you can get connected to a tech expert over the phone. All you need to do here is, simply go to Push to Talk option on Support Dock app on your android and get connected to iYogi tech expert on the toll free number in just a few seconds. You can also schedule a callback option, if you want the iYogi experts to give you a call. 

MESSAGING: All communications sent by the team of iYogi tech experts, exclusively to you, are successfully stored under Messaging option. You can retrieve any communication as and when required by simply clicking on the mails sent by iYogi tech experts. You can also submit your feedback about iYogi services and plans.

PHONE HEALTH: Phone Health feature is the perfect health manager for your android which checks and manages the processes running on your phone. 

KNOWLEDGE BASE: It is a fruitful source of interesting technology related knowledge and resources by iYogi. You can access these facilities by going to the iYogi YouTube channel containing exclusive content as a solution to all your tech problems. 

PREFERENCES: This feature allows you to manage and control every setting related to your Support Dock app. It also manages the activation process and details.

So, what are you waiting for, just opt for Support Dock Android app on your mobile and free yourself from any sort of tech problem popping up in any of your digital devices at home.

Monday, 12 August 2013

Stretch your Exploring Wings Wider with Apple’s Latest Release iOS 7 Beta 4

Putting an end to your anticipation, Apple releases iOS 7 Beta 4, company’s fourth iOS 7 update that has started rolling out with a totally new lock screen. The Apple iOS Beta 4 is customer friendly as it contains more bug fixes, graphics and UI enhancements, and a couple of other updates than then earlier versions of Apple iOS 7. iYogi reviews the new Apple iOS Beta 4 and bring its features into the attention. Here we go.
With this newest version that is Beta 4, the Apple has decided to spring a surprise on developers. The makers have changed some icons in the settings menu of iOS 7 Beta 4 while keeping the bug fixes remain the same. Also, Beta 4 has introduced some very minor cosmetic updates to the general UX design alongside some notable performance optimizations. 

iYogi reviews team finds that the iOS 7 Beta 4 includes a lot more features than the previous Beta updates. Starting with the Notifications Center, where the user is allowed to swipe through the current, all or missed notifications, to the Call Screen, which has clearer buttons for call answer, call end, send a message, and set reminder, the iOS 7 Beta 4 is better in every way. 

While putting some light on the additional features of the Apple iOS Beta 4, we noticed that the Lock screen of Beta 4 now features an arrow to unlock with Control Center and Notifications Center at the top and bottom of the screen. Also, the Camera App on this newest version is updated with HDR moving to the edge of the screen. 

iYogi reviews team witnessed major renovation in the software features of iOS 7 Beta 4, however, the most apparent changes have been seen in the operating system’s new user interface. The iOS user experience a wider knowledge base with Beta 4 as they can keep a track of uploads while adding content to applications such as Twitter, Facebook or Flickr.

The fourth OS Beta is also packed with a new seed for the radio system, which allows the Apple customers to sync their Apple gadgets to the set top box. There is no doubt that iOS Beta 4 is the most refined versions we have seen, however, this continues a trend of the mobile OS, which is being launched every two weeks.

iYogi reviews team gives you a quick highlight on the features of iOS 7 Beta 4: 

·         Wider knowledge base to answer more complicated questions
·         AirPlay settings menu can be used to add AirPlay speakers
·         Search cancel button to delete a search
·         Shuffle all in Music app can be used to shuffle your whole music collection
·         Call Screen has clearer buttons
·         Convenient to use Notifications Center
·         Camera App updated with HDR

Surprisingly, the fourth Beta of Apple has got many attention grabbing features in comparison to the previous iOS 7 updates. iYogi reviews team finds that the update is packed with all the necessary features and the Apple users have nothing to lose with Beta 4.

Thursday, 8 August 2013

iYogi Launches Digital Service Cloud

Global provider of software and technical support services, iYogi launched a cloud-based solution Digital Service Cloud to document the problem, solutions, and relevant hardware and software specs of the customers. This service is definitely going to help iYogi as it can capture the demographic information of each customer and creates a behavioral profile of them and help the tech experts in understanding the need of the customers. 

The Digital Service Cloud is a combination of powerful knowledge base with a comprehensive set of tools and technology that will help the iYogi Tech Experts to keep the information of their clients at the fingertips. iYogi launched the Digital Service Cloud to deliver quality tech support to the customers any time of the day and any time of the year. 

iYogi believes that starting Digital Service Cloud can empower OEM’s, Retailers, Telcos, and Global Service Providers to create high value customer relationships and it can also help the company in engaging to the customers at their point of need. By starting this service, iYogi can easily transform the method to engage the customer and provide Automate Support Deliver to the customers.

Monday, 5 August 2013

Otterbox’s Defender Series Case – Stronger Protection to your Mini iPad

Are you looking for any gear that can protect your iPad mini from falling or breaking down? If, yes, then we suggest that you stop looking further. The new Otterbox Defender Series Case can protect your device in a relatively easy manner. Here, iYogi reviews the Otterbox’s Defender case and highlights its sharp features and put light on its specifications.
Available at a reasonable price of $39, Defender Series Case isn’t very stylish but it can definitely protect your mini better than most. The case is made of four-part case with a heavy duty cover, which makes it powerful enough to protect your device from breaking down. Also, Otterbox provides an easy-to-follow instruction video, which can help people in using the case comfortably.

As per iYogi reviews team inspection, the Defender looks pretty slim with two-piece plastic shell that snaps onto the device. It provides soft strips to hold the back of your mini along with thin plastic screen protector that leaves open space for iPad’s ports, buttons and microphone. Next, we observed that the device has black silicone layer that fits around the plastic shell. 

The Defender also features rubber flaps for mini’s lightning port, headphone jack and mute switch and its silicone layer is pretty rigid while the button covers are easy to press and the flaps are smooth enough to remove. There is also a thick and hard plastic cover in the Defender that doubles as a stand, however, it is easy to get on and off and it also attaches at the four corners of the mini rather easily.

iYogi reviews team also observed that the cover also provides screen protection when your iPad mini is not in use, also inside the cover, there’s a stand that pops up and allows you to change your mini in landscape orientation. The user can also change it into upright, movie-viewing and lower typing angle as per your need and convenience. 

There is no doubt about the protection feature of Defender as the case has better withstanding power than any other case in the same price. You can hands on with Defender Series at a reasonable price of $39. Though not prettiest but Defender certainly is a good protection tool for your iPad mini.

Thursday, 4 July 2013

Ouya – Your Gaming Destination

If you are looking for a quick yet reasonable gaming console then Ouya is definitely going to attract you. iYogi reviews Ouya, a little gaming console and brings in light the most amazing features of this console. Here’s a look.

Priced at $100, Ouya console comes with a wireless controller packed in an attractive little box, about the size of a Rubik’s Cube. The console is developed with the help of Tegra 3 processor running at 1.7GHz and 1GB of RAM, with 8GB of flash storage. iYogi reviews team noticed that it is like a mid-tier tablet designed to work with your TV instead of a touchscreen.

The hardware of Ouya isn’t very impressive but with such a reasonable price that isn’t bad either. iYogi reviews team takes a close look at the product and finds that the shape of Ouya gaming console is similar to the popular design of the Xbox 360 controller. Further, Ouya is packed with two sticks, a D-pad, four face buttons (labeled O-U-Y-A), shoulder buttons, and triggers and its layout is fine, but the quality is a little subpar.

iYogi reviews team also finds that the initial set up of Ouya is simple and it is just like contemporary consoles with fairly simple and unattractive menu staring at four words: Play, Discover, Make, and Manage. Coming to the performance of Ouya, well the Ouya platform is based on Android 4.2 and the same is customized with Ouya menus, stores, fonts, and prompts, all fit to use on a big TV. Ouya runs its own store and the players cannot access the Google Play store.

iYogi reviews team discovered that Ouya’s biggest problem is that it cannot represents the Wild West of game development, with no clear “Killer app.” However, the best part of Ouya is that it delivers good hardware on the cheap as well as free development kits based on an operating system Android. As per iYogi reviews team verdict, the Ouya gaming console could have been a great gaming console, only if it has major streaming service such as Amazon, Hulu, Netflix, Pandora, or sportify. However, with that price range it isn’t a bad deal either. 

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Kingdom Rush Frontiers – A Real-Time Gaming Experience

Are you looking for a challenging, charming, and real-time gaming experience? Well, Armor Games ‘Kingdom Rush Frontiers’ in iOS is here to fulfill all these requirements. iYogi reviews Kingdom Rush Frontiers and tell you how entertaining this game is for you and your kids.

The Kingdom Rush Frontiers landed earlier this month is one of the best tower defense games on mobile and the fans of its previous version ‘Kingdom Rush’ will be very familiar with the Frontiers gameplay. For people who like frenetic strategy, endearing artwork, and great personalities of Frontiers gameplay, Kingdom Rush Frontiers is an ideal game. iYogi reviews team finds that the game consists of cartoon soldiers as they seek to defend their lands. The game will also provide mission briefs and updates on the story.

However, the campaign in the game appears a bit scattered and the gimmicky enemies used in the gameplay are hard to kill. iYogi reviews team notices that the overall medieval theme and mechanic Armor used in this game perfectly reflects the original game i,e. Kingdom Rush. The game will also provide you a glimpse of Indiana Jones in one of the temple stages and a fun pirate-themed stage in other stages. The Kingdom Rush Frontiers also allows you to hire pirate stage keeping the gameplay exciting throughout the time.

iYogi reviews team noticed that the game will give you an access to four types of towers that you can upgrade. You can also upgrade individual powers, manage heroes, and deploy special powers like falling fireballs and reinforcements. The only difference that we noticed in this sequel is that the highest level towers have different looks and powers now as compared to Kingdom Rush. However, the fundamental gameplay elements remain unchanged.

iYogi reviews team finds that the game has introduced new enemies like tribesman, mummies, and lizard people. It’s hard to say that Kingdom Rush Frontiers is a true sequel of Kingdom Rush, but the new levels, heroes, theme, and content makes it a worthy purchase. You can enjoy the amazing gameplay with Kingdom Rush Frontiers at a price of $3.

Friday, 14 June 2013

N-Trig DuoSense Pen 2 -Now Play Around With Styluses on Windows and Android

Are you looking for a pen that can help you to take easy notes and even sketch on your Windows 8 or Android tablet? Well, it seems the new N-Trig DuoSence Pen 2 is designed to fulfill all these needs. Along with providing a smooth and comfortable sketching or painting experience, the N-Trig DuoSence Pen 2 can improve you writing skills with its pointed nib. iYogi reviews team gives you a close look at the feature of this amazing pen.

The N-Trig DuoSence Pen 2 is a pressure-sensitive drawing tool, packaged with certain laptop and tablet that runs with Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Android. The pen is packed with 256 levels of pressure-sensitivity, a hover mode, and programmable buttons. Going to the design of the N-Trig DuoSence Pen 2, iYogi reviews team found that the pen is slim, black, and tipped with a small plastic nib. It also has an AAAA battery, which is quite powerful.

The N-Trig DuoSence Pen 2 has a negative side too, it seems the stylish black pen is smaller in length and it almost hides in hand, while using it for navigation. However, if you feel your fingers are not good for such a task on a multi-Touch screen, then you can definitely give a chance to DuoSence. As per the iYogi reviews team inspection, the DuoSence Pen 2 is rather smooth and perfectly slides over the tablet screen, and there seems to be no lag in communication between pen and tablet.

Coming to how DuoSence is as a sketch tool, the pen is pressure-sensitive but its inadequacy in app implementation brings it little down from other styluses in this category. However, the plastic nip of DuoSence is slim and very close in diameter and this makes it perfect for sketch and drawing purpose. On the same hand, iYogi reviews team also noticed that the pen is quite slippery on the tablet surface and the nib isn’t springy enough to capture light dots accurately on the digital page.

The good thing is, the DuoSence uses palm rejection technology and will allow you to put your hand on the screen while drawing. It is also good at writing and PDF annotation and it can allow you to write down quick notes and annotations without any strange lines appearing on the screen. So, if you are cursive writer, the DuoSence is not at all a bad deal for you.

As per iYogi reviews team, the N-Trig DuoSence Pen 2 is likely to be a decent addition and it is good for sketching and taking notes.

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

CyberPower FangBook EVO Hx7-200 – The Real Mobile Gaming Powerhouse

Equipped with Intel’s latest mobile CPU and Nvidia’s newest mobile GPU, the new CyberPower FangBook EVO Hx7-200 Notebook is here to give you high-end gaming experience. One thing that makes the new CyberPower FangBook EVO Hx7-200 special is Intel fourth-generation Core processor. It enhances the value of FangBook EVO and brings it among the exclusive list of Notebooks. Further the features like Intel Core i7-4700MQ, a quad-core chip with hyper threading support, and Nvidia GeForce GTX 780M makes FangBook EVO efficient. iYogi reviews the new CyberPower FangBook EVO Hx7-200 and gives you a glimpse at more of its features.

Starting with the appearance of the FangBook EVO, we first noticed that the device is quite big and bulky. While, it measures 16.85-inches wide by 11.34-inches deep and 2.17-inches thick, the weight of CyberPower FangBook is 10.75 pounds with power brick and accessories. The FangBook’s keyboard layout is conventional and it has eight “quick start” buttons at the top of the screen. The left-hand side of the notebook is installed with two USB 3.0 ports, a USB 2.0 port, microphone, headphone, audio I/O jacks. Also, the iYogi reviews team notices that the FangBook EVO has two more USB 2.0 jacks on the right, a DVD+/-RW drive, HDMI DisplayPort, and an Ethernet jack mounted on the rear.

FangBook EVO is good at running gaming applications. iYogi reviews team found that it easily runs the gaming applications like Cysis 3 and DiRT Showdown and allows the users to enjoy even the slightly older action games like Saints Row. You can play the games at high resolutions and detail and noticed no slowdown with any of the game. However, you can get little bothered with the fan noise of the device, which gets increased as the notebook took on the heavier processing load.

The FangBook EVO offers ultra quality and resolution with 1920-by-1080-pixel display and it can run Windows 8 from the 60GB SSD. The Intel HD Graphics 4600 equipped in FangBook EVO is set up from the third-generation parts, both in terms of horsepower and efficiency. iYogi reviews team discovers that the keyboard of FangBook EVO is relatively comfortable to type upon as there is more than an inch of extra space at each side.

As per the iYogi reviews team verdict, the CyberPower FangBook EVO Hx7-200 Notebook is an ideal gaming device and with Windows 8 being installed in it, the navigation within apps could be a real fun. If you feel that Intel’s fourth-generation Core processors is worth the investment in CyberPower FangBook EVO Hx7-200 Notebook, then don’t wait, go and grab the device.

CyberPower FangBook EVO Hx7-200 Notebook is available at a price of $1,579.

Monday, 1 April 2013

iYogi Insights Research on Why Parents Are in Favor of iPad

A new research enlightens how Apple’s iPad is a lot more than just a business tool, a tech toy of geeks, a delicious multimedia device for entertainment and work. It is a secret parenting tool of parents, of late. This survey has been conducted by iYogi Insights that suggests that parents are now willing to allow kids spend time in iPad – that too as much as 33 percents. Hence, is iPad a fast becoming new secret parenting tool? This new survey by iYogi has presented with recent views of parents why they are favoring in raising their kids. Thus, this iYogi Insights research would open up eyes of parents who are still disapproving iPad to their parents and have been dead against schools incorporating iPad to the classroom studies.

Why do parents say “I Do!” to iPad for their kids?
iYogi Insights has conducted a study by interacting with subscribers across the world. iYogi has around millions of customers from ten different countries across the world and it is among the largest in the tech support industry. With frequent interaction with their subscribers, iYogi endeavors to delve deeper in their lives to understand how technology and devices influence their lifestyle. iPad is one of those connected devices along with computers which are covered under iYogi’s tech support service. While providing tech support service and observing their pattern of using iPad, iYogi has created an infographic and data on how parents are using iPad as a parenting tool. And here it is.

According to iYogi Insights’ study on iPad, around 33% parents are in favor of giving iPad to their kids. There are several reasons why parents agree with the educational benefits of iPad –
  • Apple has ventured into textbooks, apps, special iTunes U apps for K-12 to college students. 
  • Apple has also developed a screen reader which comes with playback support in order to cater to kids with vision impairment, hearing impairment and other physical disabilities and learning difficulties. 
  • On top of these onboard tools and features, galore educational apps, games, e-books and interactive books for kids are available on iTunes App Store. Parents are now willing to invest in substantial time and money to explore and download such iPad ready content to make learning interesting and easier for kids.     
  • iPad is also a gateway to Internet access. Kids can use iPad to download and get information to complete their homework, download e-books, educational games 
  • Kids can use iPad to check out educational websites for practicing math, improving writing skills, calligraphy among others. 

Are parents ready to spend money for iPad downloads?
No wonder why parents are okay with buying this relatively expensive gadget and spending in downloading a slew of kids focused content on iPad. iYogi Insights’ research suggests that –

  • 92% parents approve kids to use iPad as a homework tool and 88% of among those parents have kids who score well in school.
  • Parents are now okay with spending $14 in a month on subscriptions and download of iPad content.
  • Around 80% parents are willing to spend money in downloading games and e-books on iPad. However, iYogi Insights has shown that parents are not much in favor of allowing their kids to download music and videos on iPad.  

iYogi Insights’ study on parents’ view on iPad also shows that 57 percent parents are using iPad in order to keep their kids busy with the device when they are out for shopping, at a restaurant, or when they just want to relax at home. Parents benefit from kids’ obsession with this plush toy and various games on iPad in order to find time of their own and keep kids under control. Many parents give iPad to their kids when to prevent kids frequently asking “are we there yet” and keep their focus on the road on road trips. Apps like LunchBox, Little Things, Paper Toss are classic favorite apps of parents to keep their kids engrossed in iPad during car drives.  

Moms or dads – who support iPad more for kids?
Though 33 percent in this study by iYogi is relatively a smaller number than the number of parents who have disapproved iPad for kids, but, both genders are in equal agreement in this regard. iYogi Insights has claimed that both moms and dads have shown equal favor in buying  iPad for their children. Not only that, they have shown considerable interest in spending money for downloading kid-friendly content on their kids’ iPad devices. However, majority of moms are in favor of iPad (56%) than dads (47%).

Parents have also agreed to allow two hours of screen-time on iPad, on daily basis, for their kids. iYogi Insights has also suggested that such willing parents and children with fondness for iPad could be the early adopters of educational tools and software that Apple is endorsing.

What type of content parents approve on iPad for kids?
iYogi Insights suggests that parents who are willing to buy iPad have expressed considerably generous spending on download of content. They have agreed to spend an average monthly spending of $14 on downloading games, e-books, apps, music, videos and movies on iPad for their kids. Considering the price of most of the games on iPad that range from as low as 99 cents for Where’s My Water and Ice range, $2.99 for Fruit Ninja, $4.99 for World of Goo, $9.99 for FIFA 12 HD. Among monthly $14, most of the parents have agreed to games, apps, e-books as compared to music and video content. Here is a figurative analysis of what parents mostly approve their kids to watch and what they are unlikely –

  • 82% of parents favor games and apps
  • 81% have given their nods for e-books
  • 60% have allowed music content 
  • Only 52% have given consent for videos and movies. 

iYogi Insights’ research has shown that among those parents who are against buying iPad for kids, are in favor of buying any other mobile device such as notebook, netbooks, Kindle, an iPod or any other MP3 player, iPhone or any other Smartphone. So, why do you think these parents agreeing on other mobile devices are unwilling to buy iPad? Will you buy an iPad for your kids? Write us your comment.

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Are you next on cybercriminals radar?

Cybercrime is rising at an alarming rate. Despite the increasing awareness about cybercrime and ways to protect ourselves from the spying eyes of hackers and scammers, cyber attacks continue to plague our digital world. According to a new research conducted by iYogi Insights, nearly 30% of the Americans have become victims of cyber theft, including online scams, credit card frauds, and identity thefts.

iYogi conducted an online survey on its 2,000 customers to gain an understanding about online security, cybercrime, information sharing, and related issues, and recorded some astonishing figures. iYogi Insights also referred to a study released by Javelin Strategy & Research that found out that in the year 2011, more than 11.6 million US adults became victims of identity frauds.

The world is adopting the digital route
Every day, more and more people are adopting the digital road for settling their bills, shopping online, getting in touch with their loved ones, and doing various kinds of bank transactions. Internet is rapidly becoming the shopper’s paradise and there has been a steep rise in revenues garnered through online shopping.

As per the Forrester study, it is projected that by the year 2016, the total amount of money spend by an average American in online shopping will be around $1,738. So, with a rise in the use of Internet, it is natural that Internet has also attracted cyber thieves, who develop new sophisticated ways to swindle people off their hard-earned money.

iYogi Insights team reported that even though 78% of the Americans use Internet for various online activities, only 19.32% followed secured means of transactions. Thus, USA ranks in the list of bottom five protected countries in the world from cyber crime.

Hackers invent new ways to scam people
Hackers are designing new and improved techniques to fool online users to seize their personal information and financial data. They go to great extent to cheat customers and steal their money. To make their operations look genuine, they create fake e-mail ids to send infected e-mail attachments; build phony websites and shopping portals that resemble the original ones; and design various types of phishing attacks like credit card frauds, identity thefts, and malicious codes.

The survey conducted by the team of iYogi Insights recorded figures that are a cause of serious concern. They show that instead of being cautious about their online activities, many of the Americans are ignorant. The figures show that out of the group of people surveyed, as many as 10% have been the victims of at least three different types of crimes and nearly 20% of the Americans do not follow any protection while surfing online.

iYogi also recorded a survey by McAfee, according to which, one out every five PCs in America have zero antivirus protection. This puts people using these PCs at a greater risk of identity theft and data loss.

Many people are unaware of safe online practices
The iYogi Insights team also discovered that many of the people are still ignorant about the basic constituents of online safety and are completely clueless about precautions that they must adopt while sharing their sensitive information, which can, otherwise, put their online identity at stake.

Here is a metaphoric analysis of what iYogi Insights team recorded:

  • 30% of the Americans don’t consider their date of birth as sensitive information
  • 10% of the people studied think that it is safe to share their credit card numbers and details
  • 11% don’t think that bank account numbers should not be disclosed
  • 40% think that it is safe to share their full name, address, and personal e-mail ID
  • 73% don’t consider their employer’s name to be confidential information
  • 67% of the consumers believe that by browsing safe sites, they are protected from virus threats and cyber theft
  • 66% of all think they are protected if they don’t use public computers for online transactions
  • At least 15% of the respondents know someone who has been victims of cybercrime
The numbers are too scary. Even though there is a wealth of information floating on the Internet about online scams and ways to safeguard ourselves from hackers, some of us are still unaware of the facts and are ready to compromise our personal identity without realizing its ill effects.

iYogi found out that every sixth respondent in the group of population studied had a friend who had been a victim of these scams.

Some basic online safety tips & tricks

While online, we must adopt some basic safety measures that include:
  1. While browsing social networking sites, connect only with those people whom you know and trust
  2. Create separate profiles for personal and professional purpose
  3. Log off your account after finishing your browsing session
  4. Always use virtual keypad to enter your passwords and other bank details
  5. Be careful while shopping online. Shop only with reputable companies and do not fill your personal details if the site is being redirected. It could be a scam
  6. Change your passwords every 15 days and be sure that they include a series of numbers, letters, and symbols
  7. Do not reveal your full name, address, or any other professional details to strangers
  8. Regularly check your credit card transaction details to look for false or fraudulent activity
iYogi Insights team firmly believe that everyone must follow adequate online security measures whether you are interacting with your friends on social media, managing business, doing online shopping, or carrying out bank transactions. You should also protect your sensitive personal information from the prying eyes of the cybercriminals.

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Will Small Businesses Be Early Adopters of Windows® 8?

Windows 8 is mobile, more secure, more accessible, more compatible and completely touch-friendly. But, will these advantages ease or aid in computing activities of small business owners? iYogi conducted a survey on its small business subscribers. iYogi’s survey had asked small business owners questions on device they mostly rely on, platforms they find easy to use, preference of features, usability and connectivity and their upgrade plans for Windows 8. Later, they collated, assessed and identified the trend of device usage and migration plan of small business users.

Which small business enterprises should upgrade to Windows 8?
According to iYogi survey, 33% of survey respondents had shown interest and considered switching to Windows 8 platform. But it is not only Windows 8 that small business owners want to upgrade to. Around 28% of iYogi survey respondents also wanted to upgrade to Microsoft Office 2013 while upgrading to Windows 8. Use of tablet device is becoming a growing trend in small business enterprises. Hence, adoption of Windows 8 among tablet users is strongly indicated among small business users. According to iYogi survey, about 56% respondents are using tablets and 34% respondents are reportedly planning to add their tablets to their company network.

How many of these tablet users plan to use Windows 8-based tablets?
According to iYogi survey, many tablet users may switch to Windows 8 platform from other OS. And there are people who have admitted to even give up on iPad to get the taste of tiled computing of Windows 8. According to iYogi, 38 percent of survey respondents may consider switching to Windows 8-based tablets from their iPad. Likewise, there are many tablet users who are ready to ditch Android-based tablets to adopt Metro user interface. The survey has shown that about 45% Android tablet users want to consider Windows 8 tablets. Two more types of tablet users want to adopt Windows 8. These include 10% survey respondents who are already using Windows 7 tablets and 29% tablet users who are planning to get Windows 8 and Windows 8 RT tablets. 

Why is Windows 8 be a catch among small businesses?

Though many enterprises use iPad for communication, media playing and sharing, Microsoft Windows continues to be a preferred platform for computing among most IT departments in small business enterprises. Hence, Windows 8 being a tablet ready operating system is able to strike the balance between the fun of media playing and the work productivity. Windows 8 operating system will enable small business users to take advantage of a wide range of features that provide more affordability and options in hardware. 

Mobility and connectivity 
Moreover, with 25 percent small business employees, traveling a lot brings the need of a device that offers greater connectivity and integration, Windows 8 is the said choice. Windows 8 brings these two advantages with affordability that is a one necessary criterion of computing in small business enterprises. 

Compatibility and security
There are two more reasons why Windows 8 has huge potential to be a preferred platform in small business enterprises. Windows 8 is designed to run Windows 8 apps and older Windows apps. Thus, small businesses can migrate to the latest operating system and can enjoy compatibility of the new OS with older apps. In addition to compatibility, iYogi recommends Windows 8 for enhanced security features. Windows 8 bundles security enhancements including Windows Defender with virus protection (other than spyware protection), Secure Boot, AppLocker and BitLocker that prevent devices from unauthorized use of software and intrusion of malware. 

Ease of use
iYogi survey respondents favor tablets which are simple to use. When asked which tablet device small business survey respondents find easy to use, there are three groups of people favoring Android, iPad and Windows 8 tablets. 58% respondents choose Android-based tablets for ease of use, while 74% went with iPad and 52% wanted Windows 8 tablets for ease of use. Evidently, when it comes to ease of use, tablet users select an Android device or an iPad than relying on Metro styled user interface of Windows 8.    

Small businesses favor tablet use 
When iYogi conducted the survey on use of tablets by small business users, a whopping number of people favored using tablets. Large number of iYogi survey respondents (around 56% respondents) from small business admitted using tablet devices to stay connected to the corporate network. And about 34% iYogi survey respondents claimed that they are planning to sync their tablet to company network. Even number of tablets used by one small business is radically increasing. iYogi survey has shown that more than 7% small business enterprises have more than eight computers, 5% of them use more than eight laptops and 4% of them are using more than eight tablets. Evidently, small business enterprises are choosing devices that render in mobile computing to improve connectivity among employees and run business better.     

Will these small business based tablet users upgrade to Windows 8? 
Small business employees who have to travel a lot rely heavily on tablet for greater mobility and integration to company network. Moreover, with smaller number of device in use as compared to large enterprises and lesser cost to incur for training on the new operating system, small enterprises are a better target market for Windows 8. The iYogi survey has shown why small business users are willing to adopt to Windows 8 operating system. 33% of survey respondents are planning to upgrade their devices to Windows 8, while 28% of respondents will upgrade to Windows 8 along with Microsoft Office 2013. Of 67% of Windows 7 users, 28% respondents have plans to upgrade to Windows 8.

According to this survey done by iYogi Insights, small businesses are more likely to be early adopters of Windows 8 operating system considering the growing trend of tablet use in small business. Do you agree with these? Will large enterprises lag behind of small businesses in terms of adoption of Windows 8 operating system? Drop your comments below.

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

iYogi Research Shows Americans Spend More on Internet than Light

We love our gadgets. Today, number of gadgets usually tops the count of members in a family of four. The increasing use of gadgets is a clear indication of tech adaptation in our lifestyle. A recent survey by iYogi shows that Americans spend more on technology bills than on utilities like heating, cooling, light, hot water, gas. Does it mean that US consumers need to stay connected via technology more than maintaining insulation in their homes? Here are the findings of the iYogi survey.

Increased rate of technology adoption 
A recent study conducted by iYogi reveals that Americans spend around 6% to 12% of their income on energy and other utility bills. However, when it comes to technology costs, Americans shell a greater amount of their income on it. With the advent of technological advancements, an average couple owns 7 devices while families of four members own about 11 electronic devices combining television, computer, Smartphone, tablets among others, as studied by iYogi Insights. Earlier, one household would own one TV and the entire family would share one computer. Now, every family member has his or her own computer. But it is not only the computer, there is one Smartphone or tablet per family member and often one member posses extra Smartphone or computer as Smartphone devices are emerging to become a ‘must have’ devices to simplify and organize their life.

Types of costs included in technology bills 
In order to make use of these Internet enabled devices and media streaming services on television, Americans take up plans that combine TV, Internet, fixed phone and mobile phone services. In addition to Internet and DTH services, many households incur expenses on cloud services for data backup services. Combining all these costs, their technology bills are found out to surpass their utility expenses. Around 63% of Americans have admitted to spend 35% more on technology bills than utility bills.    

Type of electronic devices rule technology costs

  • Desktop PC 
  • Notebook and netbook computers
  • Smartphone
  • Tablets and E-readers such as Apple iPad, Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble nook among others
  • Gaming consoles including Microsoft XBOX 360 and Kinect, Sony PlayStation 3 and Vita, Wii 
  • Printers, scanners etc. 

Expenses on Internet based services of a family budget

  • Cable television services 
  • VoIP plans connected to fixed phones 
  • Data, voice and text plans for mobile phones and Smartphone 
  • Internet service provider (ISP) service to connect your PC to computer at home, office, restaurants 
  • Media streaming services including Netflix, Amazon Video On Demand, Hulu Plus, iTunes etc.  
  • Data backup subscription plans of Apple iCloud, Microsoft SkyDrive, Dropbox among others. 

Which devices Americans make utmost use of to stay connected?
The research done by iYogi has shown that mobile phones and Smartphone top the chart of devices used to stay connected. Hence, their monthly expenses on mobile phones trump all other electronic devices in use. iYogi carried out the survey on about 1100 iYogi subscribers to analyze their technology usage  and a large percentage of survey respondents have revealed their upmost dependence on mobile phones to stay connected via chat, messaging, video conference, or calls than computer or other devices.

Spending on mobile phones of a household 
iYogi survey has revealed that Americans spend about $94 on their mobile phones every month. Their highest share of technology costs take in mobile services. In addition to the $94 spent on the mobile services per month, they spend extra of about $19 per month on downloading mobile content such as games, music, movies etc. About 60% of iYogi survey respondents have revealed to use voice and data services for mobile devices.

What kind of voice and data plan packages people subscribe for? 
When surveyed by iYogi, half of the 1100 iYogi subscribers have revealed to use Triple Play packages. Triple Play packages include combined voice and data services for Internet, TV and phone. Remaining survey respondents use different types of voice and data plans with –

  • 17% respondents use combined plan for Internet and TV
  • 16% choose two Internet connections for two devices and phone service 
  • About 1% said to use TV and phone services

Triple Play packages may not offer best quality connectivity service, but offer the convenience of combining connectivity services for multiple devices from a service provider. Thus, Triple Play packages subscribers can avoid the complexity of maintaining and tracking separate bills from separate service providers. That’s why Triple Play packages are more in demand than other voice and data plans for enabling users to enjoy diverse types of connectivity options including TV, phone and Internet.

More people depend on cloud service for data backup 
According to the iYogi survey, about 30% people started adopting online cloud based data backup services even though cloud services are still relatively a new concept. And the adoption rate continues to increase as users feel more comfortable in using cloud computing services. An extraordinary increasing rate was witnessed last year with the release of Apple iCloud Amazon’s Cloud Drive, and Dropbox which are steadily becoming popular. 30% of iYogi survey respondents who are using any of these cloud computing services spend about $10 per month.

However, messaging services used to stay connected is still very much in use. iYogi survey shows that about 30% spend in Instant Messaging applications which dominate the chart of app downloads, music download, movies download and downloading games. What do you think of this iYogi survey on surpassing expenditure on technology bills than on utility bills? Do you agree with these figures and explanations? If your technology costs are eating up your family budget, what strategies have you adopted to check technology expenses? Share with us below.

Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Is Freemium Business Model The New Success Mantra?

Over the years, ‘Freemuim’ have evolved out as a new business tool to help manufacturers and service providers earn a fortune. The word ‘freemium’ comes from the words free and premium. It describes a business model where you give away a part of the main product free and then sell premium products. This not only gives customers a freedom to try out a new product or service, but also improves awareness and trust about the product.

A new study published by iYogi Insights show some interesting statistics about customer’s behavior and the success rate of Freemium products as compared to paid products. The online survey by iYogi Insights gives a better picture about an average American consumer, using technology in all aspects of his life. The survey had 2,002 respondents share their experience of Freemium products or services.

One of the most important findings of the survey is the change in consumer behavior, with the rise of internet usage.  With new technologies coming up every day, consumers are not comfortable to pay their hard-earned money for each product. Freemium offers a unique way to help customers delve deeper into the understanding of the new products or service. The research proves that Freemium products give manufacturers and service providers their first traction in the market.

What is the Freemium buzz all about?
Freemium provides a medium to introduce a new product or service in the market. It involves offering a basic version of the product or service to the customers for free, but charging for the premium service that is meant for long-term use. It gives new products a niche to carve out their future in the market and helps manufacturers and service providers benchmark their products and services.

Here’s a quantitative analysis of the research conducted by iYogi Insights team:
  • 100% customers agreed to the use of Freemium products or services.
  • 42% users subscribed to the product or service after experiencing it.
  • First-time users show higher conversion rates after using the Freemium product.
  • 39% agreed to have experienced free one-on-one consultation with experts in energy saving, nutrition and fitness, lasix surgery, and career consultation.
  • About 60% customers agreed to have experienced iYogi tech support as their first Freemium consultation with a technology expert.
Freemium products give customers a chance to put value to the product. It’s their decision-maker. iYogi Insights research highlights a very important point – “Your confidence in your product to be able to offer it for free, speaks volumes in its favor.” 

Should you consider freebies?
Of course, why not? Who doesn’t like a free version game on their Smartphone, a sample of the newly launched perfume, or a support service that is being offered for free? There are endless examples of Freemium products and services that offer superior value to their customers. Google is the finest example of a service that is being offered for free. Freemiums like LinkedIn and SlideShare offer excellent restricted-features service for free. However, they offer Pro versions for high-end customers. Similarly, CyberScrub offers free-trial period based Freemiums. Through this, they convert their free customers to the paid ones.

Is Freemium the decision-maker?
Yes, it is. Freemiums create happy-to pay customers. Through Freemiums, customers are able to unlock the value of a product and are, in most of the cases, convinced to buy the product. It gives the customers a level of confidence while buying the product and proves to be a stepping stone in the revenue generation path. As it is rightly said, “The way to get a million people to pay is to get a billion people to begin using your product.”

According to the research conducted by iYogi Insights team, there was an upsurge in the overall conversion rate after the introduction of Freemiums. The statistics are as follows:

  • Entertainment proved to be the king. Movies and videos experienced an overall 65% conversion rate.
  • 41% customers found cloud-based services to be useful and were willing to pay for these services.
  • About 34% customers are willing to pay for products that help them optimize their day-to-day productivity.
  • With an overall 100% experience rate, 37% people are willing to pay for security software for better  protection against viruses and other security threats.
  • 30% music lovers agreed to pay for the paid product after trying out their freebies.
  • VOIP services attracted a 41% conversion rate through their Freemium products.
  • Among others, data backup service experienced about 46% conversion while new-age games attracted 26% conversion.

Will Freemium stay or fade away?
If it can’t sell for free, it can’t sell at all. The benefits of freebies on the users as well as on the company or service provider cannot be ignored. The end results are mutually dependent. While on one hand, Freemiums provide users a certain level of confidence in the new product; they offer better conversion rates to the companies and service providers. Nearly 60% respondents agreed to have experienced the benefits of free one-to-one advice session with an iYogi expert. This clearly shows the power of Freemium in creating customers. Freemiums are much more than just being a marketing strategy. They provide better results when compared to advertising the product through campaigns or word-of-mouth. Freemiums give users a chance to come back for the free product, finally turning them to a customer who is happy to pay for the product or the service.

Have you ever experienced a free product or service and were finally convinced to buy it? Was the end product similar to the free one? Did the Freemium service work for you? Share your experience with us to discover the other side of Freemium business model.