Thursday, 3 April 2014

Dell brings you Latitude 12 and Latitude 14 - the tough, sturdy, strong laptops

The Rugged Extreme notebooks in the market will compete with Panasonic neck to neck. iYogi reviews the new notebooks launched by Dell and convey its features into the attention. Here we go.

The new versions of notebooks introduced by Dell – Latitude 12 and Latitude 14; provides Dell with not only tough looks but also with strong and sturdy inner built.

The name 'Rugged Extreme' jells very well with the built of the two new versions of laptops. The 'Rugged Extreme' laptops are fully designed with shock-resistant feature. These laptops can survive and resist spurt of dust and even water. The improvised IP65-rated devices enable the laptops with this water and dust proof facility. 

iYogi reviews team gives you a quick highlight on the features of Latitude 14 and Latitude 12; the 'Rugged Extreme' laptops which are launched in the market to compete with Toughbooks from Panasonic.

Latitude 14 and its features
  • Provides you with a 14–inch screen.
  • Light weight of 3.54kg.
  • The notebook gives you the latest-generation low voltage Haswell Intel Core processors with a storage capacity of 512GB.
  • 16 GB of RAM support.
  • The notebook allows you to work 12 hours a day without plug-in.  The 6/9 cell battery gives the notebook a long durability.
  • The laptop is also provided with a resistive touch screen comprehensive connectivity. 
  • The laptop supports every feature as HDMI, PCMCIA and VGA. 
  • The notebook also supports an optional Gobi 4G modem.
Latitude 12 and its features

The look of Latitude 12 resembles with Dell’s XPS 12 version.
  • The screen size is 11.6-inch.
  • The laptop can also be used as a tablet. 
  • The laptop arrives with a multitouch screen. 
  • A rear-mounted camera comes handy with the tablet mode.
  • 4-cell battery comes along with this laptop. The 4 cell battery backup may seem to be quite insufficient but Dell claims the battery backup to be enough for all the whole day.
The new docking system improvises the laptops in its functioning. Latitude 14 and Latitude 12 will be available with the OS - Windows 7 Professional or Windows 8 Pro. These two laptops will replace the existing semi-rugged Latitude E6430 ATG. Later this year Dell will be launching another semi-rugged laptop - Latitude 14. Surprisingly, the aforementioned features in the new versions of laptops have got many attention grabbing features in comparison to the previous Latitude rugged versions. iYogi reviews team finds that the update is packed with all the necessary features and the Dell users have nothing to lose with the new Latitude devices.