About iYogi

iYogi, an established name in the world of computer support offers unparalleled remote tech support services to its end users globally. The support services provided by iYogi are primarily designed to eliminate computer-related stress for millions of digitally dependent consumers and small businesses. iYogi possess years of expertise and can provide unlimited tech support to secure & protect, speed up & optimize, diagnose & repair, and setup & install your computer. iYogi offers-

Full Support. We offer comprehensive support across different platforms, devices and applications. Our technicians have the ability to offer both remote and on-site support.

24X7, 365 Service. We are always on hand round-the-clock, no holidays, no offs. The fleet of technicians at iYogi is always ready to offer best support to its global customers.

No Waiting! Our certified expert technicians can give instant attention to your computer problem. You can call us toll-free or chat with us.

Choice of Plan. According to the needs and requirements of our customers, iYogi offers a variety of plans, including Single Incident, Annual Unlimited Subscription, Digital Home Plan, among others.

Money-Back Guarantee. Our confidence in our tech support service extends to offering our customers a money-back guarantee. If you think we are not able to solve your computer’s problem, we’ll give your money back.

Happy Customers. Our CSAT scores are among the highest in the industry. iYogi believes in becoming friends with the customers. Our customers rely on us to address many of their technical support needs.

What are you waiting for? If you have a computer problem, iYogi can provide a relevant solution.

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