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Will Small Businesses Be Early Adopters of Windows® 8?

Windows 8 is mobile, more secure, more accessible, more compatible and completely touch-friendly. But, will these advantages ease or aid in computing activities of small business owners? iYogi conducted a survey on its small business subscribers. iYogi’s survey had asked small business owners questions on device they mostly rely on, platforms they find easy to use, preference of features, usability and connectivity and their upgrade plans for Windows 8. Later, they collated, assessed and identified the trend of device usage and migration plan of small business users.

Which small business enterprises should upgrade to Windows 8?
According to iYogi survey, 33% of survey respondents had shown interest and considered switching to Windows 8 platform. But it is not only Windows 8 that small business owners want to upgrade to. Around 28% of iYogi survey respondents also wanted to upgrade to Microsoft Office 2013 while upgrading to Windows 8. Use of tablet device is becoming a growing trend in small business enterprises. Hence, adoption of Windows 8 among tablet users is strongly indicated among small business users. According to iYogi survey, about 56% respondents are using tablets and 34% respondents are reportedly planning to add their tablets to their company network.

How many of these tablet users plan to use Windows 8-based tablets?
According to iYogi survey, many tablet users may switch to Windows 8 platform from other OS. And there are people who have admitted to even give up on iPad to get the taste of tiled computing of Windows 8. According to iYogi, 38 percent of survey respondents may consider switching to Windows 8-based tablets from their iPad. Likewise, there are many tablet users who are ready to ditch Android-based tablets to adopt Metro user interface. The survey has shown that about 45% Android tablet users want to consider Windows 8 tablets. Two more types of tablet users want to adopt Windows 8. These include 10% survey respondents who are already using Windows 7 tablets and 29% tablet users who are planning to get Windows 8 and Windows 8 RT tablets. 

Why is Windows 8 be a catch among small businesses?

Though many enterprises use iPad for communication, media playing and sharing, Microsoft Windows continues to be a preferred platform for computing among most IT departments in small business enterprises. Hence, Windows 8 being a tablet ready operating system is able to strike the balance between the fun of media playing and the work productivity. Windows 8 operating system will enable small business users to take advantage of a wide range of features that provide more affordability and options in hardware. 

Mobility and connectivity 
Moreover, with 25 percent small business employees, traveling a lot brings the need of a device that offers greater connectivity and integration, Windows 8 is the said choice. Windows 8 brings these two advantages with affordability that is a one necessary criterion of computing in small business enterprises. 

Compatibility and security
There are two more reasons why Windows 8 has huge potential to be a preferred platform in small business enterprises. Windows 8 is designed to run Windows 8 apps and older Windows apps. Thus, small businesses can migrate to the latest operating system and can enjoy compatibility of the new OS with older apps. In addition to compatibility, iYogi recommends Windows 8 for enhanced security features. Windows 8 bundles security enhancements including Windows Defender with virus protection (other than spyware protection), Secure Boot, AppLocker and BitLocker that prevent devices from unauthorized use of software and intrusion of malware. 

Ease of use
iYogi survey respondents favor tablets which are simple to use. When asked which tablet device small business survey respondents find easy to use, there are three groups of people favoring Android, iPad and Windows 8 tablets. 58% respondents choose Android-based tablets for ease of use, while 74% went with iPad and 52% wanted Windows 8 tablets for ease of use. Evidently, when it comes to ease of use, tablet users select an Android device or an iPad than relying on Metro styled user interface of Windows 8.    

Small businesses favor tablet use 
When iYogi conducted the survey on use of tablets by small business users, a whopping number of people favored using tablets. Large number of iYogi survey respondents (around 56% respondents) from small business admitted using tablet devices to stay connected to the corporate network. And about 34% iYogi survey respondents claimed that they are planning to sync their tablet to company network. Even number of tablets used by one small business is radically increasing. iYogi survey has shown that more than 7% small business enterprises have more than eight computers, 5% of them use more than eight laptops and 4% of them are using more than eight tablets. Evidently, small business enterprises are choosing devices that render in mobile computing to improve connectivity among employees and run business better.     

Will these small business based tablet users upgrade to Windows 8? 
Small business employees who have to travel a lot rely heavily on tablet for greater mobility and integration to company network. Moreover, with smaller number of device in use as compared to large enterprises and lesser cost to incur for training on the new operating system, small enterprises are a better target market for Windows 8. The iYogi survey has shown why small business users are willing to adopt to Windows 8 operating system. 33% of survey respondents are planning to upgrade their devices to Windows 8, while 28% of respondents will upgrade to Windows 8 along with Microsoft Office 2013. Of 67% of Windows 7 users, 28% respondents have plans to upgrade to Windows 8.

According to this survey done by iYogi Insights, small businesses are more likely to be early adopters of Windows 8 operating system considering the growing trend of tablet use in small business. Do you agree with these? Will large enterprises lag behind of small businesses in terms of adoption of Windows 8 operating system? Drop your comments below.

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