Tuesday, 4 June 2013

CyberPower FangBook EVO Hx7-200 – The Real Mobile Gaming Powerhouse

Equipped with Intel’s latest mobile CPU and Nvidia’s newest mobile GPU, the new CyberPower FangBook EVO Hx7-200 Notebook is here to give you high-end gaming experience. One thing that makes the new CyberPower FangBook EVO Hx7-200 special is Intel fourth-generation Core processor. It enhances the value of FangBook EVO and brings it among the exclusive list of Notebooks. Further the features like Intel Core i7-4700MQ, a quad-core chip with hyper threading support, and Nvidia GeForce GTX 780M makes FangBook EVO efficient. iYogi reviews the new CyberPower FangBook EVO Hx7-200 and gives you a glimpse at more of its features.

Starting with the appearance of the FangBook EVO, we first noticed that the device is quite big and bulky. While, it measures 16.85-inches wide by 11.34-inches deep and 2.17-inches thick, the weight of CyberPower FangBook is 10.75 pounds with power brick and accessories. The FangBook’s keyboard layout is conventional and it has eight “quick start” buttons at the top of the screen. The left-hand side of the notebook is installed with two USB 3.0 ports, a USB 2.0 port, microphone, headphone, audio I/O jacks. Also, the iYogi reviews team notices that the FangBook EVO has two more USB 2.0 jacks on the right, a DVD+/-RW drive, HDMI DisplayPort, and an Ethernet jack mounted on the rear.

FangBook EVO is good at running gaming applications. iYogi reviews team found that it easily runs the gaming applications like Cysis 3 and DiRT Showdown and allows the users to enjoy even the slightly older action games like Saints Row. You can play the games at high resolutions and detail and noticed no slowdown with any of the game. However, you can get little bothered with the fan noise of the device, which gets increased as the notebook took on the heavier processing load.

The FangBook EVO offers ultra quality and resolution with 1920-by-1080-pixel display and it can run Windows 8 from the 60GB SSD. The Intel HD Graphics 4600 equipped in FangBook EVO is set up from the third-generation parts, both in terms of horsepower and efficiency. iYogi reviews team discovers that the keyboard of FangBook EVO is relatively comfortable to type upon as there is more than an inch of extra space at each side.

As per the iYogi reviews team verdict, the CyberPower FangBook EVO Hx7-200 Notebook is an ideal gaming device and with Windows 8 being installed in it, the navigation within apps could be a real fun. If you feel that Intel’s fourth-generation Core processors is worth the investment in CyberPower FangBook EVO Hx7-200 Notebook, then don’t wait, go and grab the device.

CyberPower FangBook EVO Hx7-200 Notebook is available at a price of $1,579.