Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Kingdom Rush Frontiers – A Real-Time Gaming Experience

Are you looking for a challenging, charming, and real-time gaming experience? Well, Armor Games ‘Kingdom Rush Frontiers’ in iOS is here to fulfill all these requirements. iYogi reviews Kingdom Rush Frontiers and tell you how entertaining this game is for you and your kids.

The Kingdom Rush Frontiers landed earlier this month is one of the best tower defense games on mobile and the fans of its previous version ‘Kingdom Rush’ will be very familiar with the Frontiers gameplay. For people who like frenetic strategy, endearing artwork, and great personalities of Frontiers gameplay, Kingdom Rush Frontiers is an ideal game. iYogi reviews team finds that the game consists of cartoon soldiers as they seek to defend their lands. The game will also provide mission briefs and updates on the story.

However, the campaign in the game appears a bit scattered and the gimmicky enemies used in the gameplay are hard to kill. iYogi reviews team notices that the overall medieval theme and mechanic Armor used in this game perfectly reflects the original game i,e. Kingdom Rush. The game will also provide you a glimpse of Indiana Jones in one of the temple stages and a fun pirate-themed stage in other stages. The Kingdom Rush Frontiers also allows you to hire pirate stage keeping the gameplay exciting throughout the time.

iYogi reviews team noticed that the game will give you an access to four types of towers that you can upgrade. You can also upgrade individual powers, manage heroes, and deploy special powers like falling fireballs and reinforcements. The only difference that we noticed in this sequel is that the highest level towers have different looks and powers now as compared to Kingdom Rush. However, the fundamental gameplay elements remain unchanged.

iYogi reviews team finds that the game has introduced new enemies like tribesman, mummies, and lizard people. It’s hard to say that Kingdom Rush Frontiers is a true sequel of Kingdom Rush, but the new levels, heroes, theme, and content makes it a worthy purchase. You can enjoy the amazing gameplay with Kingdom Rush Frontiers at a price of $3.