Monday, 12 August 2013

Stretch your Exploring Wings Wider with Apple’s Latest Release iOS 7 Beta 4

Putting an end to your anticipation, Apple releases iOS 7 Beta 4, company’s fourth iOS 7 update that has started rolling out with a totally new lock screen. The Apple iOS Beta 4 is customer friendly as it contains more bug fixes, graphics and UI enhancements, and a couple of other updates than then earlier versions of Apple iOS 7. iYogi reviews the new Apple iOS Beta 4 and bring its features into the attention. Here we go.
With this newest version that is Beta 4, the Apple has decided to spring a surprise on developers. The makers have changed some icons in the settings menu of iOS 7 Beta 4 while keeping the bug fixes remain the same. Also, Beta 4 has introduced some very minor cosmetic updates to the general UX design alongside some notable performance optimizations. 

iYogi reviews team finds that the iOS 7 Beta 4 includes a lot more features than the previous Beta updates. Starting with the Notifications Center, where the user is allowed to swipe through the current, all or missed notifications, to the Call Screen, which has clearer buttons for call answer, call end, send a message, and set reminder, the iOS 7 Beta 4 is better in every way. 

While putting some light on the additional features of the Apple iOS Beta 4, we noticed that the Lock screen of Beta 4 now features an arrow to unlock with Control Center and Notifications Center at the top and bottom of the screen. Also, the Camera App on this newest version is updated with HDR moving to the edge of the screen. 

iYogi reviews team witnessed major renovation in the software features of iOS 7 Beta 4, however, the most apparent changes have been seen in the operating system’s new user interface. The iOS user experience a wider knowledge base with Beta 4 as they can keep a track of uploads while adding content to applications such as Twitter, Facebook or Flickr.

The fourth OS Beta is also packed with a new seed for the radio system, which allows the Apple customers to sync their Apple gadgets to the set top box. There is no doubt that iOS Beta 4 is the most refined versions we have seen, however, this continues a trend of the mobile OS, which is being launched every two weeks.

iYogi reviews team gives you a quick highlight on the features of iOS 7 Beta 4: 

·         Wider knowledge base to answer more complicated questions
·         AirPlay settings menu can be used to add AirPlay speakers
·         Search cancel button to delete a search
·         Shuffle all in Music app can be used to shuffle your whole music collection
·         Call Screen has clearer buttons
·         Convenient to use Notifications Center
·         Camera App updated with HDR

Surprisingly, the fourth Beta of Apple has got many attention grabbing features in comparison to the previous iOS 7 updates. iYogi reviews team finds that the update is packed with all the necessary features and the Apple users have nothing to lose with Beta 4.