Monday, 4 August 2014

IoT to Bring a Customer Service Revolution

Palo Alto, California, – On the second day of the IoT World Conference, Vishal Dhar will release a whitepaper titled: “How the Internet of Things is Revolutionizing Customer Service”.
 “The customer service industry is about to see an IoT tsunami change in the next five years. Just as consumers will experience a whole host of new applications; brands, service providers and OEMs will realize the full opportunity of IoT enabled customer services and support. One to one customer engagement practice can now become a reality, as a new layer of connectivity, customer intelligence and automation appear in the service conversation evoking a service delivery revolution,” commented Vishal Dhar, co-founder at iYogi – Digital Service Cloud, speaking at the IoT World Conference.

Some of the benefits of IoT in the Whitepaper cite-

Unified customer service management platforms:
A unified platform helps the service providers to monitor and manage all the interconnected heterogeneous devices across consumer and business applications. The centralized user interface of this platform allows for integrated support channels, apps, databases for a enhanced user experience.

Low costs of service management
Service providers can easily automate service solutions while working on the real-time data. This will not only help to lower down the cost of service management, but also strive to give an overall amazing customer experience.

Improved customer manageability
The ‘Internet of Things’ allow to collect the big data. As more customer’s and end-user’s devices are interconnected, the service providers can easily comprehend the specific profiles and behavioral patterns of the customers to deliver more personalized customer engagements.

Digital Service Cloud
It is a unified platform for IoT customer management that monitors and manages the heterogeneous devices, which are interconnected. This enables service provides to easily manage the customer service deployments on large scale. Digital service cloud helps in transforming service delivery and enhances the end-user experience. Not only this, it also helps in generating revenue through support automation.
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