Thursday, 28 August 2014

iYogi Partners with Spectranet to Boost Its Tech Services

Need help for Spectranet broadband services?  Call iYogi on toll-free number for instant support for all connected devices including computers and peripherals.
If you fall under the list of Spectranet’s home and business customers, you shouldn’t worry about the health of your broadband services. It is so, because iYogi has entered into a strategic partnership with Spectranet in order to provide round-the-clock solution for customer network management and technical support for Spectranet’s home and business customers.
Spectranet is known for delivering high speed broadband services for its individual customers as well as enterprises.
As per the partnership, iYogi will be handling the Spectranet’s Tech Assist, which is a technical support service for Spectranet customers powered by FOX (Fiber Optic Xperience).  With iYogi taking the onus of handling Tech Assist, customer can avail round-the-clock support for all connected devices, including computers, peripherals, smartphones and other digital devices.
As stated by iYogi, Tech Assist will be bundled with Spectranet Broadband powered by FOX products for existing as well as new customers.
The partnership with iYogi for technical support is expected to boost the Spectranet’s revenue by 12 percent and reduce its support cost by 15 percent in the nest 12 to 24 months.

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  1. I have been availing service of iYogi since past 2 years and there was not a single instance when they put me down with the quality of their services. I love how they keep coming with the amazing troubleshooting ideas and the easy and reasonable ways to impart their services. Now, at the launch of this new service, I’d say that they have explored and touched yet another dimension of the technology. Thank you iYogi for being there!